From Passion to Profit

A 2 hour course designed to train entrepreneurs to turn their dreams into successful businesses.

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It all started when…

Why take this course?

This class is a 2 hour program that teaches you business strategies to capitalize on your strengths and boost your sales.  Whether you are just starting out or in need of a refresh, we can transform your business and position you for success.

 What makes this course unique? 

 This course is taught by a master entrepreneur and author of From Living Room to Boardroom, How I Launched and Sold a Multi-million Dollar Business.  McCormack successfully built her own business and speaks from experience.  Her business was profitable from year one and she will share her secrets for success.  The course is taught in-person, and the content is customized to your needs.  Every participant will leave with their own road map for creating and building a more successful business.

Cost: $195 ( note: limit 4 students)

Time: 6:30-8:30 PM

Location: Pearl Studios 519 Eighth Avenue, 12th floor